New Workout Programs — 11 February 2015
21 Day Fix Extreme is Here!

21 Day Fix Extreme is on sale!

Breaking news! 21-Day Fix Extreme is here! The original 21 Day Fix program helped tens of thousands lose 15 to 21 pounds in just 21 days. That’s why it became America’s #1 selling weight-loss program. With all the buzz surrounding her first program, Autumn Calabrese created a sequel to take fitness to the next level. Having said that, I’m doing week two of 21 DAY EXTREME right now!


What is 21 Day Fix Extreme?

21 Day Fix EXTREME is the next program in the Fix product line. It builds off the basics of 21 Day Fix and takes it to the next level. Combining no-nonsense portion control with steady state aerobics, resistance training, and explosive power moves to transform your body. 21 Day Fix Extreme is a complete functional fitness program that targets every muscle in the body to help you will torch calories while creating a leaner, stronger and more functional physique.


Who is 21 Day Fix Extreme for?

This program is for

1. 21 Day Fix graduates who want to kick things up a notch.
2. Those with a special upcoming event (wedding, birthday, reunion, etc).
3. Athletes.
4. Anyone who likes intensity.
5. Those with a no B.S. attitude toward workouts and nutrition.
6. Anyone who does not want to count calories or weigh their food.
7. Those who completed programs such as: a. P90X3. b. T25. c. Turbo Fire. d. Insanity Max 30 …


How 21 Day Fix Extreme differs from 21 Day Fix:

With 21 Day Fix Extreme, you still use your containers and practice portion control, but you also eat completely clean. You are 100% dialed into nutrition with the portion control containers (no more cheats or treats). Since the brand new workouts are more intense, the nutrition plan is focused in for max results. 21 Day Fix is great for beginners or someone who has not worked out.

Watch 21 Day Fix Overview:

Buy 21 Day Fix® Extreme Challenge Pack or buy 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack (March 2015 Promotion).


21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack.


What comes w/ 21 Day Extreme Challenge Pack?

1. 7 brand new, intense 30-minute workouts.
2. 21 Day Countdown to competition menu plan for MAX results.
3. New perfectly portions containers for the new workouts.
4. Shakeology (Choice of 30-day supply on Home Direct).
5. Team Beachbody Club (30-day FREE trial membership).


Will there be a Modifier in 21 Day Fix Extreme?

Yes, there will be a modifier just like Kat in 21 Day Fix. However, we recommend that beginners start with 21 Day Fix before tackling the EXTREME program.

We have launched a 21 Day Fix Extreme test group this month (February). We will help you (a.) set realistic goals, (b.) teach you how to follow the meal plan, (c.) how to plan your week, (d.) days, (e.) meals and snacks so that you can get the best possible results. We will hold each other accountable with a daily check on your day. Do you want to try this program but are afraid of failure or afraid that the program sits on the shelf? If so, then join our accountability group! It doesn’t cost you a penny, just a perk for buying a program through me (as your coach and personal trainer).

On a side note, the original program sold out 3 times after is was launched… causing several months of delays and back-orders. To ensure this does not happen to you, choose from one of our February promotions below.

If you are ready to change, we will help you succeed!

Are you ready to get Extreme?

February 2015 Challenge Pack Promotions.

Choose from the (6) February 2015 Challenge Pack Promotions below:

*Promotion Only Available in the U.S.

Please feel free to contact us, if you need further assistance.


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