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Where To Get Free 21 Day Fixate Cookbook

Fixate Cookbook – 101 Personal Recipes

Fixate is the new cookbook created by Fitness Trainer, Autumn Calebrese, the creator of the 21 Day Fix Programs. You not only learn what to eat to stay healthy but how much in terms of controlled portions. With that in mind, the fixate cookbook covers 101 recipes for meals, snacks, and desserts, which include vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo options. And we’ll give you yours FREE!

What’s So Great About The 21 Day Fixate Cookbook?

Autumn takes everything she learned about food to show you how to make it healthy. All the meals were made with busy moms (and dads) in mind. Are you ready for some real food?

a. 101 recipes to help you whether you’re doing 21 Day Fix or not.
b. Autumn’s personal tips for preparing meals quickly.
c. Includes the HOLY GRAIL that all of us have been looking for…
d. Covers many meal plan options for your breakfast, lunch and dinner:

1. Vegan.
2. Vegetarian.
3. Gluten-free.
4. Shakeology.
5. Kids-friendly.
6. Paleo.

e. Plus snacks, desserts and cocktails when you want a treat.
f. Breaks down portion sizes so you eat the right food amounts.
g. Plus, all the nutrition facts so you can have good nutrition and well-balanced meals.

So many clients tell us they want a better way to plan their meals. Well, now here’s your chance. This cookbook gets you started in the kitchen so you can get on track and stay on track to a healthy lifestyle. You’ll get the most out of your workouts (21 Day Fix, 21 DFX, Hammer and Chisel, T25, CIZE, …) when you apply good nutrition to portion control. With that said, here’s our special offer: When you buy a challenge pack through Change U Fitness, you’ll get the Fixate Cookbook for FREE (a $19.95 value). It’s our gift to you!

Who Should Use The Fixate Recipe Book?

a. Anyone who needs help with portion control.
b. Anyone who needs help with meal plans.
c. Those that are vegan or vegetarian.
d. Those that want easy-to-follow recipes.
e. Those that follow gluten free or paleo diets.
f. Anyone who wants to eat clean.
g. Anyone who wants to spend less time in the kitchen.”
h. Anyone tired of the same old meals.
i. Anyone who enjoys great tasting food.
j. Anyone who wants to stay healthy.
k. Anyone who is new to healthy eating.
l. Autumn says, “the fixate recipe book is for everyone.”

How Do I Get Free 21 Day Fixate Cookbook?

We’ll send you this cookbook for FREE when you buy any challenge pack from this website.

To redeem this special offer, email us your NAME and ORDER NUMBER to with the subject heading, “SEND ME MY FREE FIXATE COOKBOOK.”

Here’s a sneak peek of some great Fixate recipes! You can print these to get a head start.

21 Day Fixate Cookbook Quinoa Recipes

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