Fitness Tips — 22 April 2013
5 Ways To Make Fitness Fun

5 Ways To Make Fitness Fun For Older Adults.

Fitness can be made fun when it converts into a habit. The key is doing something you love, whether it’s dancing, weight lifting, outdoor activities, tennis, jogging, riding your bike, T25. … What do you enjoy most? You will likely stick with something you enjoy. Do you like low impact or high impact exercises? Would you like a workout buddy or coach to help you stay on track? If so, we can help! In the meantime, here are 5 ways to make fitness fun. Once you get started, you may not realize you’re working out.

1. Dance – Take Zumba! Ever thought of why Zumba is so popular? It’s lots of fun. Think of how it felt when you went dancing. You laughed! You smiled! And let it all go–stress and all! I never heard someone say they did not have fun dancing. Doing an activity that’s both physical and fun is a great way to get in shape. If you like to dance and want to add variety to your routine, then try Shaun Ts Rockin Body or Hip Hop Abs. It’s low impact! It’s intense! It’s fun fitness!

2. Yard Work – Okay, not so fun for most but still good exercise! Plus, you burn tons of calories.

Things to do:

a. mow the lawn (use push mower instead of a riding mower).

b. rake the leaves.

c. trim the hedges.

d. make a new flower bed.

e. and so forth.


3. Outdoor Games.

a. Lazer tag.

b. Catch.

c. Jump Rope.

d. Skating.

Our kids don’t play these anymore. But they should get back to these fun and games! So grab the children! Grab the dog! Head outside! Get active as a family! These are fun games for adults and kids alike.

4. Wii/Xbox. Tennis anyone? These hi-tech games are full of activity as long as you stay away from the “kill-bill” and Mario type games… With the bowling and tennis games, you have to move around to play. This too makes being active lots of fun. These devices are used in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes to keep patients active.

5. Brisk Walking. 

a. Reduces your risk for heart disease.

b. Improves brainpower.

c. Boosts your mood.

d. Lowers your risk for high blood pressure.


fitness fun.



If you want to learn the hottest dance “routines”, you might choose a fun dance program like CIZE. It is truly the “End of exerCIZE”. Did you know you could burn tons of calories if you danced for an hour.


3 Facts About Fitness.

1. If you are not active, chances are your kids will not be active.

2. Did you know that your body has more than 600 muscles.

3. Your heart weighs about as much as a softball.


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