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Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity – An Overview of the Cause.

Who’s the blame for childhood obesity? Could it be all the digital toys and games our youth have access to? Should we point the finger at our parents and schools? Could it possibly have to do with our genes or blood type? Let’s take a look at these factors and more.


1. Kids spend less time outdoors with other kids (at home).

2. School kids get less time to play outside with other school mates.

3. Kids spend too much time in front of videos games.

4. Kids spend too much time in front of computers.

6. Schools do not provide healthy meals.

7. tv commercials promoting too much:

a. fast food.

b. junk food.

c. processed foods.

d. high-sugar foods.

e. sodas.

8. Kids learn from obese parents’ poor food choices.



1. Childhood Obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. The obesity rate for children between ages
6 and 11 was 6.5% in 1980, and tripled to 20% in 2010.

2. Nearly one in three children in the US are obese.

If we look at Body Mass Index (the ratio of height to weight), an overweight child falls in the 85% category and an obese child falls in the 95% category.


Extra weight can lead kids down a path to health problems such as:

a. Type 2 diabetes.

b. High blood pressure.

c. High cholesterol.

d. Heart disease.

e. Joint pain.

f. Cancer.

g. Sleep apnea.

h. Asthma.

i.  and much more.


childhood obesity cause.


Who’s The Blame For Childhood Obesity?

The problem is not just parents, it’s several contributing factors. Some has to do with parents, some has to do with genetics, and some has to do with our school systems. We need to educate our parents so their kids know what’s healthy vs. what’s not healthy. We have to teach our kids to eat more balanced meals: (a.) broccoli, (b.) carrots, (c.) spinach, (d.) apples, (e.) oatmeal, (f.) celery, … (less chips, ice cream, pizza, soda pops, etc). It’s time to get creative. If you have a hard time getting your kids to eat breakfast, you could blend these fruits and veggies to make a healthy superfood shake. It taste so good that kids wouldn’t know what hit them. I call it my daily dose of dense nutrition. As for public schools, if Congress passes a new law to replace the salty / sugary snacks with healthy snacks that would be huge. It would be nice to see more sports programs to keep kids active. When you look at obesity with respect to genetics, a lot of it has to do with (a.) how your genes are, (b.) what your blood type is and (c.) how body processes food. Some inherit genes from their parents that cause them to gain weight. Some are born with a different way to process food. Others may have medical conditions that increase their appetite or weight.

Keep your kids active and ward off health problems. Here’s a fun filled program to get your kids off the couch.

Check out this great article on how to fight childhood-obesity.

If you thought that was a good article, then check out these childhood-obesity causes.


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