CIZE Shaun T Shakeology Challenge Pack

The CIZE Challenge Pack includes everything you need to reach your fitness and nutrition goals! Buy CIZE and Shakeology bundled together and you’ll save over $70 compared to buying each item separately. It’s lke getting CIZE for only $10. Plus you’ll get the limited-edition CIZE wristband and CIZE/Shakeology Shaker Cup!
Are you ready to dance your way into shape?

CIZE Challenge Pack.

Your Price: $140 (Limited Time Offer).

Why CIZE Challenge Pack?

Improve your dance skills and your nutrition with the CIZE Challenge Pack! Just combine the exhilarating, fat-burning dance courses with Shakeology, the famous nutritional shake that can help you: a. increase your dance stamina. b. overall health. and c. weight loss. You can even start streaming your CIZE workouts, because your Challenge Pack includes 30 days of FREE access to Beachbody On Demand!

What comes w/ CIZE Challenge Pack?

CIZE Challenge Pack.
Drink up and then get down with the CIZE Challenge Pack!

You get everything you need to get your best results:

-The CIZE DVD Package featuring 6 dance courses,
Eat Up! Meal Plan, Get Started Guide, Weekend Survival Guide, 2 Wall Calendars, 8 Count Abs bonus workout, and Hold Your Own Network Exclusive DVD.
-Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology—the
superfood protein shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, and accelerate your fitness results‡—delivered on Home Direct, our monthly autoship program.*
-A FREE 30-Day Trial Membership in the Team
Beachbody Club, so you can start streaming your CIZE workouts, and more than $3,000 in other proven Beachbody workouts, plus find all the support you need to succeed in your challenge. After your 30-Day Trial Membership is up, you will be billed quarterly for Club Membership, which you may cancel at any time.**†
-Plus Super Discount shipping (and SAVE OVER
$12) every month.

You will have the option to choose your Shakeology flavor once you click the Buy Now button below.

If you choose not to take advantage of your FREE Trial Membership in the Team Beachbody Club, you may remove it from your Challenge Pack at checkout. This will not, however, change the price you pay today, and you will lose streaming access to CIZE and more than $3,000 in additional workouts.

CIZE Challenge Pack.

Your Price: $140 (Limited Time Offer)

Get your dancer’s body—and nutrition—started on the right foot!

When you want to get a dancer’s moves—and body—fast, you CIZE It Up! Beachbody brings the studio to you to help you bust out professionally choreographed dance routines you never thought you could do! So thrilling, you’ll forget you’re working out and burning crazy calories.

With the CIZE Challenge Pack, you’ll get a full month’s worth of Shakeology, Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition®, together with this dance fitness program that takes all the work out of working out!

With each routine you practice and each shake you drink, you’ll only get better—and closer to the sexy dancer’s moves—and body you’ve always wanted.

Dance your way to fit and drink to your health!

Your CIZE Challenge Pack Includes:


Shaun digs deep into his dance roots to bring you 6 exhilarating, calorie-scorching dance courses, each with fresh moves and music. He breaks down each routine, step-by-step, move-by-move, slowly building up to a full combination. By the end of the CIZE program, you’ll be totally confident in your incredible dance skills and sexy body!

1. CRAZY 8s.
35 minutes after pushing play, you’ll master these hip dance moves. At the end you get to perform the routine to HANDS IN THE AIR, originally recorded by Timbaland.

Pick up the pace for an intense sweat, with fresh moves and a whole new vibe. You’ll put it all together to TREASURE, originally recorded by Bruno Mars.

You’ve made it to Level 2 so get ready to get winded and wowed in this over-the-top, all-out, sweaty dance routine set to LOSE MY BREATH, originally recorded by Destiny’s Child.

Crank up the energy and the pace. Now you’re ready for even more new dance moves created and inspired by professional dancers, all choreographed to PROBLEM, originally recorded by Ariana Grande.

Ready to challenge yourself and show off your moves front and center? Before you know it, you’ll be performing to PASS THAT DUTCH, originally recorded by Missy Elliott.

The CIZE Dance Workout Program can teach anyone to dance—any style—any pace—to any type of music. This final course is a totally different dance experience, with an emotional finale routine to Sia’s CHANDELIER. Get ready for your music video!

3 tools to help you succeed


This step-by-step guide tells you everything you need to know to get started on the right foot and get your best results possible. You can even track your body transformation to see your progress and watch your dancer’s body come to life.


Use this beginner calendar when you want to go at your own pace. After each workout, you can even rate your dance skills, “backup dancer, ” front and center,” or “ready for my music video” to track your progress!


With the Eat Up! Meal Plan, losing weight is easy and delicious, and you’re in control.

We give you mouthwatering, easy-to-prepare recipes that will give you energy to learn out and dance your butt off. And, for those times you want to incorporate your favorite foods (yes, even chocolate!) we show you the portions to eat to stay on track!

It’s not about dieting, starvation, or deprivation. It’s about healthy eating, simple portion control, and long-term success.

Plus, these 4 FREE Bonuses!


Strong abs and core are key for every great dancer. Work your abs on the floor and then perform the ab sequence to HEADSPRUNG, originally recorded by LL Cool J.


Don’t let the weekend ruin all your hard work from the week. Learn the DO’s and DON’Ts of a night out on the town, so you can go out and have fun without sabotaging your results!


We created this calendar to give you a bit more structure so you know which course to do on which day to keep progressing.


We want you to have everything you need to succeed. Enjoy world-class support, invaluable fitness and nutrition tips, even live chats with Shaun T!

A 30-DAY SUPPLY OF SHAKEOLOGY—The Healthiest Meal of the Day®.*

You could spend more than $700 on supplements just to re-create all the healthy ingredients in one bag of Shakeology. But for only about $4 a serving, you can treat your body to the delicious daily superfood protein shake that helps give you energy for your dance routines, reduces junk-food cravings, and may help you achieve your ideal body faster. A nutrient-dense combination of antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and many other rare ingredients gives your body nutrients you can’t get from a normal diet. 100% vegan option now available.‡

FREE 30-DAY PREMIUM TRIAL MEMBERSHIP to the Team Beachbody Club with Beachbody On Demand!**†

When you’re part of the Team Beachbody community, you have all the tools, support, and accountability you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle, including:

1. Streaming access to CIZE: Instantly start your first dance routine and tap into hundreds of other digital.
routines from our massive collection of world-class programs via any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device!
2. 10% discount on all purchases.
3. Meal plans personalized for your goals.
4. VIP access to your favorite trainers and Beachbody experts, including live chats, exclusive videos, nutrition,
tips, and delicious recipes.
5. Your own personal Coach for guidance and support.
6.Access to SuperGym®, where you can track your progress, work out with your buddies, and meet new
friends who share your weight-loss goals.
7. Message Boards and chat rooms to help you find new friends and workout partners, and get advice and
support from the entire community.

CIZE Challenge Pack.

Your Price: $140 (Limited Time Offer)