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G. O. Domestic Violence Awareness Project Helps Shelters

Domestic Violence Awareness Project Helps
Local NC Shelters.

Each and every business would do well with finding a cause that they are passionate about or want to give back to. When in comes to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, each day numerous news feeds come in about victims of abuse but not enough services are around to help support the victim. For every story we hear about, dozens of other stories are kept in the dark thus silence is the worse thing for the incidence of violence. In addition, these issues happen in an area that is considered a safe zone. Our homes and our families are supposed to be places of refuge but often are not. When a victim cannot rest and have peace in their own home, it can be unsettling to leave that home to find safety and peace.

Change U Fitness, a Fitness and music ministry, gives back by supporting an awareness campaign in constant need of attention. No matter who you are or what you’ve been through: whether you have been victimized or falsely accused, keep hope alive. If you are looking for ways to support a cause, then this blog might be very beneficial.

Wendy, the counselor of the co-owner team, served as an AmeriCorps mentor and focused a great deal of her two-year service on giving back to shelters in neighboring counties. After spending time in 2014 with completing grass roots projects for NoMore.org, she decided to take a more centralized effort to directly impact her community. Many times, women abruptly leave their homes without packing. All they have are their children and the clothes on their backs. Some move from city to city. Some even migrate to US cities from their native countries.


The little things go a long way in helping victims of domestic violence. Things like toiletries and paper towels help nonprofit organizations where funding might fall short. But is it enough? With one organization for each county, it can be very challenging for services to provide everything a survivor needs to start over. In addition, statistics indicate that it can take a victim up to seven attempts before they commit to the services provided by organizations. Whenever victims decide to leave (for good), they are often surprised at the limited resources. For example, the shelter in a neighboring county can house people for a maximum of 30 days, which is not very long to transition into a normal lifestyle.


What’s The G.O. Domestic Violence Awareness Project All About?

The G.O. Project, which stands for “Get Out, Gain Opportunity”, focuses on helping victims escape, survive and thrive. Each victim, if not promised, deserves the hope for a brighter future. This community-based project has a crowfunding option at Indiegogo and runs through the end of October. The goal is to provide training dollars which would allow opportunities for them to gain employable skills. When the 5500.00 goal is met, the proceeds will help over 200 women at shelters with training and other resources. Thanks for supporting the G.O. Domestic Violence Awareness Project.

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