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Where to Buy Insanity Asylum Gear.

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What Insanity Asylum Gear Do You Need?

The Insanity Asylum Equipment required for Asylum is the: a. Agility ladder. b. Speed Rope. and c. strength bands. The Asylum Agility Ladder is going to help you with hand eye coordination, speed and agility. Agility ladder moves like the hopscotch, which is both feet out, one foot in, both feet out, one foot in is going to help improve your foot speed and coordination. Once you get the routine down, you start to build speed as you progress. The point of using the ladder is to not hit the ladder. The Asylum Speed Rope improves your (a) foot speed, (b) agility and (c) endurance. Make sure you learn how to adjust the Speed Rope before using it. It needs to go up to each armpit. Jump about one to three inches off the ground as you maintain a steady cadence. The strength bands will tone your thighs, sculpt lean muscles and shape your back in no time. Shaun T’s Get Shredded Nutrition Guide Book can help guide you through the nutrition aspect of Insanity: The Asylum. Read it cover to cover so you know how to plan your meals. My favorite meals are the poached eggs over lemon spinach and the avocado tuna salad.

Asylum Gear.

Optional Insanity Asylum Gear:

1. P90X Chin Up Bar (comes with the Insanity Asylum Deluxe Kit or Deluxe Bundle).

2. Dumbbells or resistance bands.

3. Towel.

4. Jump Mat (comes with the Insanity Asylum Deluxe Kit or Deluxe Bundle).

5. Heart Rate Monitor to track your progress.

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Asylum Agility Ladder.

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Here’s a sneak of the Insanity Asylum Video.