Asylum Agility Ladder

Asylum Agility Ladder.





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Insanity: The Asylum Agility Ladder

Many world class athletes train with agility ladders to become a better athlete. You can train like a pro athlete when you work out with the Asylum agility ladder. This tool, often referred to as a speed and agility ladder: a. improves your speed. b. agility. and c. coordination. It is geared for high intensity workouts such as Vertical Plyo from the Insanity Asylum Workout. You can sharpen your focus, concentration, and form for quicker movement.

A few Agility Ladder Drills I used in Asylum to get your feet moving.

1. The Agility Heisman move is about speed. You move side to side without touching the ladder.
2. The Agility Heisman with Tap move is about speed and agility. You move side to side with a hand tap.
3. The Agility Toe Tap is like the Agility Heisman move but your feet does the work while you move in the
plank position. You keep your core tight and try not to hit the ladder.
4. The Ladder Hop Squats move is about:

a. Hopping forwards and backwards through the ladder (your goal is to bend your legs 90 degrees).
b. keeping your butt down.
c. keeping your back flat.
d. keeping your heels in.

      You will feel the burn but you have to fight through it!


The Benefits of using the Asylum Agility Ladder

1. You can boost your power.
2. You can boost your endurance.
3. You can improve your speed.
4. You can improve your agility.
5. You can improve your athleticism.
6. You can go from average to elite in just 30 days.

  How can you train to become an elite athlete?

1. You train with more focus.
2. You train with more concentration.
3. You can take your physical and mental skills to the next level.


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Asylum Agility Ladder.