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Insanity Asylum Speed Rope

The Insanity Asylum Speed Rope is more than a jump rope. It is geared for high intensity workouts such as Speed & Agility or Vertical Plyo from the Insanity Asylum Workout. You become faster and more agile while you build strength.


Features for the Asylum Speed Rope:

1. Durable.
2. Adjustable handles at each end.


Speed Rope Techniques used in the Insanity Asylum Workout.

1. The jump rope series in Speed & Agility focuses on high speed with high knees. This is the speed
part of Speed & Agility. If you mess up with the jump rope, you start back up. If you fall out, you find it and jump back in! Speed only counts when you have complete control. Remember as you’re jumping your knees are like springs, so land softly. The better your jump rope moves, the faster you can go.


2. The Split Squat Jump rope move is about:

a. alternating your feet front and back.
b. getting low.
c. keeping your knees nice and soft.
d. keeping your core tight.


You are going feel some lactic acid start to build up. You have to be ready to embrace it.


3. The Adductor Jump Rope move:

a. keeping your butt down.
b. keeping your knees bent. Your goal is get to 90 degrees.
c. keeping your knees touching.


Every time you land, you squeeze your inner thighs. This is how you work your inner thighs and


4. The single leg Jump Rope move is about working each calf. You must keep your core tight.


How the Asylum Speed Rope benefits you:

1. Improves your foot speed.
2. Improves your agility.
3. Improves your endurance.

with this ultimate training secret.



Not much room to use the speed rope in every home.


Get Faster and stronger when you train with the Asylum Speed Rope!

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