Asylum Strength Bands

Insanity Asylum Strength Bands.

Insanity Asylum Strength Bands

Why You Need Asylum Strength Bands.

Use these Asylum Strength Bands to rev up your strength training workouts. Plus, get an extra boost with each lower-body resistance routine. These power bands are used in a variety of moves in Insanity Asylum Volume 1. Most of the power band exercises will help you get a stronger back. For example, the Side Lat Pull Downs move in Back to Core is going to help strengthen your back. Your arms are in the air. You pull the bands down with arms 90 degrees, and then back up. It’s about working your whole back down to the top of your glutes. You squeeze your shoulder blades right into the lats. This move will prepare you for the chin-up bar on Game Day. That’s how you increase your power.

Using one, two, or all three levels of this portable Strength Band:

1. You can tone your thighs.

2. You can sculpt lean muscle in those hard-to-reach areas.

3. You shape your firm booty in no time.

(Used with Brazil Butt Lift® and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM.) The Asylum Strength bands come in 3 colors.

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1. Yellow.

a. Beginner (light) resistance.
b. Size: 2″ x 10.5″.

2. Green.

a. Medium resistance.
b. Size: 2″ x 10.5″.

3. Red.

a. Heavy resistance.
b. Size: 2″ x 10.5″.

How Asylum Strength Bands Can Increase Your Power.

1. The Split Squat Back Fly move is about:

a. switching the feet in each ladder box.

b. keeping your hands in line with your shoulders.

c. using your back when you stretch the strength band out.

d. using your back and legs at the same time.

2. The Back Fly Tuck Jump move is about:

a. using your back and your abs as you do tuck jumps.

b. using your back when you stretch the strength band out.

3. The Resistance Power Jumps is about working your adductors while you do power jumps.

a. Grab your heaviest strength band around your ankles.

b. Try to stretch two ladder lengths.

c. You want to touch the floor when you go down.

4. The Resistance Plyo Push-ups is about alternating tricep push-ups and wide push-ups inside the ladder.

a. Try to split two boxes if you have long arms.

b. Grab your strength bands around your ankles and around your hands.

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Asylum Strength Bands.