Bowflex Exercise Watch

Where To Buy Your Bowflex Exercise Watch.

Get your Bowflex Exercise Watch at the lowest price when you buy from this site. This is a great tool to measure how hard you work out. If you are a beginner you can find out where you are, and where you need to be. The higher your resting heart rate, the less fit you are.

What’s So Hot About The Bowflex Exercise Watch?

Heart rate monitors on gym equipment are not always accurate. That’s why having a device that gives you accurate readings is so important. Thanks to the Bowflex Strapless Heart Rate Monitor, you will know where your heart rate zone is each time you work out. The key is to train such that you get your heart rate into the right training zone. This Strapless Heart Rate Monitor gives you accurate ECG readings without the use of a chest strap. Just press the sensors on the device, and hold a few seconds. It will check your heart rate any time. The Bowflex Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor tracks your heart rate throughout your workout. The sensor worn across your chest does all the work by wirelessly transmitting the ECG-accurate readings to your exercise watch. Each watch has a built-in alarm that beeps when you go above or below your target heart rate zone. The countdown timer is also a nice feature to have when you are running outside.

Bowflex Exercise Watch.

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Bowflex Watch – HRM w/ Strap

Bowflex Watch – HRM (Strapless)

There are some pretty good watches out there. If you want a high-end heart rate monitor with all the bells and whistles, then purchase a Suunto or Garmin Fitness Watch. Both of them have some very nice features. If you want a solid exercise watch that gets the job done, then go with a Bowflex Watch.