P90X Mens Shirt (Grey)

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The Grey P90X Mens Shirt – P90X Apparel.

This is the official men’s tee shirt for the P90X 90-day workout. Not too many people can wear a P90X tee-shirt or accept a 90-day challenge to get the best body of their life. Show off your pride and p90X results when you wear our P90X mens shirt – Grey. You’ll get ripped, but your T-shirt won’t! These 100% cotton T-shirts are made to withstand the extreme training regimen you’re going to put them through. It has the P90X logo on the front and the “Bring It” words on the back, which everyone knows is the P90X slogan! You’ll look good and feel great while you work out. How would you like to show your P90X results?

Features for the P90X Mens Shirt – Grey:

1. Color: Grey.

2. 100% cotton.

3. P90X logo on front side.

4. “Bring It” phrase on the backside.

5. Choose from five men sizes:

a. small (34-36).

b. medium (38-40).

c. large (42-44).

d. XL (46-48).

e. XXL (50-52).


Show off your great P90X results!

All those days of hard work have paid off. You crushed P90X with amazing results! Now what? Take pride in what you achieved and celebrate your success. Your newly formed biceps, shoulders, neck, abs, chest and back will not go unnoticed as you sport the logo of a fitness program that has rocked the world, and known to most as P90X or Power 90 Extreme. Show the world what you have accomplished. Once you put this tee shirt on there’s no turning back! People will take notice wherever you go. Put on this P90X Mens Shirt Grey and see what happens when you go to movies, restaurants, concerts, the library, the grocery store, beach, picnics… you get the picture! It’s also a great shirt to use in your workouts.


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P90X Mens Shirt Grey