Turbo Jam Tank Top

                           Turbo Jam Tank Top  

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Women’s Turbo Jam Tank Top.

This is the official women’s tank top for the Turbo Jam Workout. Show off your rockin’ new body in these funky Turbo Jam Tank Tops. When you work out in a turbo tank top, you can get the best body of your life. These women’s sleeveless tops are a must have for all Turbo Lovers.

Rock your workout—Turbo style!

Hey Turbo Jammers! Get ready to show off your rockin’ new body in these funky, new Turbo tanks! Just put one on next time you Press Play and you’ll have a blast kickin’ and jammin’ Turbo style with Chalene and the rest of your friends! You’ll look good and feel great while you work out.

The turbo jam tank tops are

1. made of 100% combed cotton.

2. super-comfy.

3. durable.


The double-stitched bottom hem and 3/8-inch binding on the neck and sleeves provide plenty of reinforcement for those turbocharged body-sculpting moves.


Features for the Turbo Jam Tank Top:

1. Color: White.

2. 100% cotton.

3. Classic blue and orange Turbo Jam logo on the front side.

4. Choose from four women sizes:

a. small (30-32).

b. medium (32-34).

c. large (36-38).

d. extra large (40-42).


Show off your Turbo Jam Tank Top!

You win! All those days of hard work paid off. You crushed Turbo Jam with great results! Now what? Take pride in what you achieved and celebrate your success. Your newly sculpted body will not go unnoticed as you sport the logo of a very popular fitness program. Show the world what you have accomplished. Once you put this tank top on people will take notice wherever you go. You’ll see what happens when you go to movies, restaurants, concerts, the library, the grocery store, beach,… you get the picture!


So What Are You Waiting For? Buy Now!


Turbo Jam Tank Top