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P90X2 Gear.

Where to Buy P90X2 Gear.

If you are looking for P90X2 gear, you’ve come to the right place. Each piece of equipment is made to help you get the most out of your P90X2 Workout. Shop here for a variety of Gear before beginning your strength training or P90X2 Program. Great prices for chin-up bars, yoga mats, and much more. Are you ready to take your fitness level to the next level?


What P90X2 Gear do you need?

The Rumble Roller is a premium roller used for self-myofascial release. It helps you relieve your sore spots. The Foam Roller serves the same purpose on a smaller scale. It is very effective but not as deep into the muscle tissue. You can start with the Foam Roller and then work your way up to the Rumble Roller. I personally like to use the Rumble Roller to get knots out of my muscles. The notches on the Rumble Roller isolate your trigger points. It’s a great soft tissue device. The more it hurts the more you need it. The P90X2 Medicine Balls are used in a variety of P90X2 moves. It is a great way to lose weight as you strengthen your core. Trainer, Tony Horton teaches you very effective medicine ball exercises. Use the P90X2 Nutrition Guide to help guide you through P90X or P90X2. Read it cover to cover so you understand what to do for your meal plan. The P90X 2 Stability Ball can be used to get a greater range of motion on ab movements. Tony Horton uses this ball in a variety of P90X2 exercises.

 Optional P90X2 Equipment (also used in P90X):

1. The P90X Chin Up Bar.

2. Foam Yoga Blocks to help you maintain good form.

3. The Ultimate Kit includes the Tony Horton PowerStands, which helps you perform push ups with great form.

4. Jump Mat.

5. Towel.

6. Chair.

7. Dumbbells.

8. Resistance Bands.


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Rumble Roller.

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Medicine Ball.

Nutrition Guide.

Stability Ball.


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