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P90X Gear Needed

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You’ve come to the right place to shop for your P90X Gear. Shop here for a variety of Gear before beginning your strength training or P90X Program. Great prices for chin-up bars, yoga mats, and much more. Get the tools you need to achieve the best results.

What Additional P90X Gear Do I Need?

Your P90X workout should include:

1. a chin up bar.

2. dumbbells or resistance bands.

3. a yoga mat..

What other tools do you need to prepare?

1. water.

2. towel.

The P90X chin up bar is a great tool for strength training exercises. I have seen improvement in my upper body strength from the P90X and Asylum workouts. How would you like to improve lifting your own body weight?

I like the Beachbody Jump Mat because it’s thick and never bunches up during my cardio exercises. I also use it for Yoga, Core, and Ab exercises. Our yoga mat is thicker than a typical yoga mat. I like to use it for Ashtanga or Hot Yoga. A heart rate monitor is a good idea if you want to set goals and establish a target zone. If you are new to exercise it can help you monitor your progress. The P90X PowerStand is a great way to increase your range of motion from pushup exercises. It’s way more comfortable than using weights. I find pushups more challenging with PowerStands than on my palms. You can use the balance ball to strengthen your core. I use it for abdominal and stretching exercises. The sculpting bands can tone your inner thighs as well as other problem areas. I found the squishy ball to be very effective with toning my inner thighs and legs. The Weighted gloves can increase your weight loss results. You can intensify many exercises just by adding weighted gloves to your routines. I burn more calories using weighted gloves in my yoga routines.

You can also look good and feel great in our t-shirts. In fact, I get many compliments when I wear P90X, Insanity or Change U Fitness apparel.