Balance Ball

Why You Need a Balance Ball

Our Balance Ball targets everything—starting from your abs up to back, chest, arms, thighs, legs, and buns. This tool, often referred to as an exercise ball, is the perfect platform to strengthen your core muscles. Use it with weights or without—it won’t burst if punctured. When using dumbbells, be sure it’s weights you can control. Color may vary.

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Balance Ball Features:

1. Includes a FREE guidebook with “Top 10 Balance Ball Moves” for getting your best results!

2. Includes two sizes (55 cm and 65 cm).

3. Won’t burst if you puncture it.

4. Includes foot pump.

5. You can choose from two colors:

a. Blue.

b. Grey.

6. Great for beginners to advanced fitness levels.


Balance Ball Exercises:

1. Back Extension.

a. Position ball under your hips.

b. Position ball under your lower torso.

c. keep knees straight.

d. hands behind the head.

e. roll down ball slowly.

2. Chalean Extreme – Extreme Intervals.

3. Chalene Johnson’s Get on the Ball!

4. Hip Extension.

a. Lie down with feet propped on ball.

b. Keep your abs tight.

c. Slowly lift hips off the floor.

d. Squeeze your glutes.

e. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

f. Lower your hips.

5. Push-Ups on the Balance Ball.

6. Squat and Reach.

a. Hold ball in front of you (but don’t arch your back).

b. Bend your knees (but don’t extend past your toes).

c. Engage your abs.

d. Rotate your trunk.

e. Extend ball upward to the right.

f. Repeat process: Alternate down, left, up, right.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Balance Ball?

   1. Stronger Core Muscles.

   2. Better posture.

   3. Less prone to injuries.

   4. use more muscle fibers.

   5. tone your inner thighs.

   6. improves your spinal stability.

   7. improves your balance.

   8. strengthens your back.

   9. can be used in Pilates.

10. can be used in Yoga.

11. tighter midsection.

12. Leaner Muscle Mass.


If you can do it on a bench or floor, then you can do it with a balance ball!


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