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Beachbody Jump Mat.

The Beachbody Jump Mat is essential to getting through intense plyometrics workouts like the ones featured in P90X®, INSANITY®, TurboFire®, and ASYLUM. Your body will thank you for this super-shock-absorbent mat that protects your: a. hips. b. ankles. c. thighs. d. feet. e. knees. f. back. and g. ankles. No home gym should go without it!





I like to use the jump mat for various types of workouts: a. Yoga classes, b. Pilates, c. Ab Ripper X, d. X Stretch, e. Ab Burner, f. Extreme Abs, g. Cardio Abs, h. Insane Abs, i. Max Recovery, j. Plyometric Cardio Circuit, k. Core 20 ( Turbo Fire), l. Dynamic Flow Yoga, m. Tummy Tuck, n. Yoga Flex, o. Slim and Six Pack (Slim in 6), p. Back to Core (Insanity Asylum), …! As for the intense plyometric exercises, it’s a great Insanity Workout Mat. The bottom grip is great for not shifting when you work out. However, the mat can be slightly problematic if your palms get too sweaty. Then all of a sudden your downward dog pose just became slippery. When the floor surface is hardwood or concrete slab I like to use a yoga mat underneath the jump mat. The extra padding makes the floor exercises super comfy from the sitting position. With that said, you can do so much with this handy jump mat


Special Features For The Beachbody Jump Mat:

1. Made of extra-shock-absorbing 1/4″-thick high-density foam.

2. Ultra-durable to ensure the perfect landing every time.

3. Large dimensions (71″ x 26″) to ensure maximum landing contact.

4. Rolls up tightly for easy storage.

5. Slip-resistant grip for added safety and support.


How can you benefit using the Beachbody Jump Mat?

1. great yoga or Pilates mat.

2. takes pressure off  joints.

3. comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

4. protects your a. knees. b. back. c. ankles.

5. keeps sweat off the floor.

6. does not bunch up while you workout.

7. thick.

8. professional grade.

9. helps you jump high.

10. softer landing surface.


Get high-impact results without high-impact injuries!


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Try Beachbody Jump Mat.