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 P90X Chin Up Bar.  



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Is P90X Chin Up Bar best for P90X?

The P90X Chin-Up bar is one of the most durable pull up | chin up bars ever made. You can strengthen your shoulders, back, arms, abs and more with this high-grade training tool. There is no better way to take your upper-body workout to the next level. The variety of hand grip sections on this bar is what sets it apart from most others. You will love this chin-up bar! (Used with P90X®, P90X2®, P90X Plus and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM DELUXE KIT®.)


Features for the P90X Chin-Up Bar | Pull-Up Bar:

1. Heavy-gauge steel (maximum weight: 300 lbs.).
2. Pro-grade close-grip handles with multiple grip positions.
3. Quick and easy assembly.
4. Fits doorway up to 32″ wide (sturdy doorway with border trim required—minimum 5″ width, maximum
5. Takes only seconds to safely remove from doorway when not in use.
6. New! Patented design with multiple grip positions. You work all your muscle groups.
7. Chin-Up length bar equals 41 1/4 inch.


P90X Chin Up Bar Exercises:

1. Switch Grip Chin-Ups.
2. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups.
3. Wide Front Pull-Ups.
4. Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups.
5. Corn Cob Pull-Ups.

You can also use this chin-up bar to do crunches.


What you get when you buy P90X Chin-Up Bar:

1. world-class product.
2. P90X Pull Up Bar Installation Instructions.
3. how-to-use instructions.
4. a hassle free 30-day money-back guarantee when ordered here.


The P90X Pull-Up Bar can be mounted to any door frame to be your own personal gym.


How Much Weight can the P90X Chin Up Hold?
-not recommended if you weigh more than 300 lbs.

P90X Chin-up Bar Safety Tips

1. no swinging (side to side or back and forth) on the chin-up bar.
2. make sure your P90X Chin-up bar is completely secure.
3. do not attempt to hang by your feet or legs.
4. Use a towel or socks to protect the door trim.


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