P90x2 Nutrition Guide

P90X2 Nutrition Guide: Good Healthy Foods to Eat.

A lot people have been asking me questions about nutrition. What should I eat or how much should I eat. The P90X2 Nutrition Guide Book can go a long way to help determine what you should eat. You need to go through it cover to cover so you understand what to do for your P90X2 meal plan. Use it to help guide you through P90X or P90X2. Before you get started, the main thing you want to do is start from scratch. By this, I mean toss out all the junk food in your house. This guide book covers many good health foods to eat. You need to eat like an athlete to achieve your goals.

The P90X2 Nutrition Guide is

1. all new.

2. made to customize your meals.

3. geared for athletic performance.


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Features for the P90X2 Nutrition Guide:

1.  Three plans: a. Low-carb. b. balance. c. high-carb.

2. Three caloric levels.

3. Three profiles per plan: a. Protein. b. Carbs. c. Fat.


What are the benefits of the P90X2 Nutrition Guide?

1. can be used with P90x.

2. more options than the P90X Nutrition Guide.

3. more recipes.

4. flexible.


Provides nutritional guidance for high-level athletic performance. Also includes vegan and grain-free options.


Choose from 3 customized plans in the P90X2 Nutrition Guide:

1. Plan 1. – Fat Shredder 2.0 is a low-carb plan.

A. 50% protein.

B. 25% carbs.

C. 25% fat.


2. Plan 2. – Energy Booster 2.0 is a balance of (1) protein. (2) carbs. (3) fat. Use this plan if you have plenty of energy.

A. 30% protein.

B. 40% carbs.

C. 30% fat.


3. Plan 3. – Endurance Maximizer 2.0 is a high-carb plan. This is the perfect diet for the endurance athlete.

A. 25% protein.

B. 50% carbs.

C. 25% fat.


Choose the plan that works best for you.


What you need to know about the P90X2 Nutrition Plan Book.

1. more than 50 recipes to get you started.

2. more versatile.

3. new vegan options.

4. vegetarian options.

5. grain-free options.

6. 27 diet guides in 1 to fuel your performance.

7. You get a meal plan for Shakeology.

8. You get a meal plan for the P90X Recovery Drink.



 Price: $39.95

P90X2 Nutrition Guide.