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P90X2 Stability Ball: How To Strengthen Core Muscles.

Strengthen your core when you use the P90X2 Stability Ball to add an unstable platform from which to work. This tool, often referred to as an exercise ball or fitness ball, can be used to get a greater range of motion on ab movements. It can add more challenges to regular exercises. For example, when you do push-ups with your hands on the ball, you will need a whole lot of balance and coordination. Always keep the abs engaged to help you balance. This ball is used in a variety of moves in P90X2.


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Stability-Ball Sizes:

1. Medium.

a. Recommended for people 5’0″ to 5’7″.
b. Size: 55 cm diameter.

2. Large.

a. Recommended for people 5’8″ to 6’3″.
b. Size: 65 cm diameter.


Features For The P90X2 Stability Ball:

1. Premium.

2. Durable.

3. Bands run across the air hole.

4. Inflatable.

5. Comes in two colors:

a. Blue.
b. Grey.


P90X2 Stability Ball Exercises:

  1. Core Circles.

  2. Plank Burpee on Stability Ball (5 to 8 per side).

  3. Slo -Mo Balance Climber.

  4. Boing Push-Up (15 to 20 reps).

  5. Balance Kickback on Stability Ball (10 per side).

  6. Plyo Stability Ball Push-Up.

  7. Elevated Stability Ball Push-Up (20 to 25 reps).

  8. Sphinx to Plank Plyo Bounce.

  9. Forearm All Side Plank.

10. Tricep Extension on Stability Ball.

 If you add weight to your stability-ball exercises it should not exceed 300 pounds.


How Can Stability-Ball Exercises Benefit You?

  1. targets core muscles.

  2. reduces the risk of back pain.

  3. tones your abs.

  4. strengthens your back.

  5. uses more muscle fibers.

  6. improves spinal stability.

  7. improves your balance.

  8. can be used in Pilates.

  9. can be used in yoga classes.

10. can be used in weight or strength training classes.

11. makes you less prone to injuries. You are less likely to turn an ankle.


You can use the P90X2 Stability Ball to flatten your belly today!


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