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Benefits of Water

Understanding the Health Benefits of Water.

Do you drink enough water to satisfy your body’s need? What you drink affects the health of each cell in your body. From shrinking your waistline up to making your skin look younger, water works wonders. Here are 5 advantages of drinking water.


1. Shed pounds / Stop weight gain.

a.  Water helps suppress your appetite, so you eat less food. You should drink one glass of filtered water before each meal.

b. Make sure your well-balanced meals include:

1. a good amount of fiber.

2. a glass of water.

c. Water has (c1) no calories, (c2) no sugars, and (c3) no carbs.

d. Water helps your body burn stored fat.

e. Water helps gets rid of toxins / removes waste from your body.


2. Prevents dehydration. Dehydration causes a reduction in the supply oxygen to your muscles. High sugars in sports drinks and sodas can make you feel dehydrated. Drink adequate amounts of water to avoid dehydration. Metabolism and hydration are greatly affected by how hydrated you are.

Symptoms of Dehydration:

a. Thirst.

b. fatigue.

c. joint and muscle pain.

d. constipation (can be cured with water and fiber).

e. headaches.

f. dizziness.

h. muscle cramps.

i. dry skin.

j. dark urine (dark yellow or orange color with strong odor means you need to drink more water).

k. hunger (water makes you feel full longer).


3. Makes You Stronger.

a. Water helps you build muscles.

b. Water helps fuel your muscles.

c. Water helps boost your immune system.

d. Water helps you fight disease.

1. reduce the risk of cancer.

2. reduce the risk of heart disease.


4. Boost your Brain Power.

a. More water helps you think better.

b. More water helps you keep a sharp memory.


5. Helps you get rid of bloating. So drink more water when your body retains water.


health benefits of water.


Uses of Water for human body.

Our human bodies are made up of 50 to 70% water, our brain is made up of more than 80% water, but many of us do not get enough. Your liver metabolizes fat, so in order for it to do it’s job you need water. A lack of water leads to dehydration, which makes you feel tired or saps your energy. Your body needs water so it can function properly because you lose water through:

1. sweat.

2. the air you breathe.

3. passing stools.

4. and daily urination.


The Health Benefits of Water with Exercise.

Whether you go for a jog or do an intense workout like Turbo Fire, you can lose a lot of water in an hour. Water must be consumed to replace the amount lost each day. When you drink more water during your workouts you stand a great chance to lose weight. On top of that, you have more energy to get the most out of your workouts.

You are what you drink. High sugar sodas, moca lattes and juice drinks keep your cells from getting quenched. When you drink more water it helps flush toxins out of vital organs and cells. With 80% of weight gain problems being dietary, you can reap the benefits of water when you drink more each day.

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