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How To Eat Clean On A Budget

Tips On How To Eat Clean On A Budget.

The rising food prices make it challenging to eat clean. But this does mean we can’t eat healthy? And no, you do not have to shop at organic grocery chains like Whole Foods or Earth Fare. For instance, instead of relying on fast food or boxed meals, cook more meals from scratch.

For the past several years, there have been many discussions over whether to eat clean and how much is too much to spend. But how do we make the transition to eating less processed foods? It’s not like we don’t know how to eat clean on a budget. It’s more about what we choose to eat. In other words, we eat what we want. We like to spend money on (a) candy bars, (b) potato chips, (c) fast food burgers,… I will say, as an African American, I can identify with the dietary struggles seen by many in my culture. Generation after generation, recipes full of salt, trans fats, and sugar have been passed down for years. It is not only seen in this community but also seen in many U.S. households. If you are addicted to processed-foods, then try your hand at eating clean menu plans. It may be tough early but don’t get discouraged. Things will work out if you stay consistent. And it starts with a balance of good nutrition and fitness.

Many of us want to eat clean but say it’s too expensive. With the growth of high end food chains like Whole Foods, this is a valid claim. However, it is possible to a eat clean on a budget grocery list. For example, you can buy most dry goods (i.e. brown rice, beans, rolled oats, nuts, etc.) relatively cheap. Creating an Eating Clean Grocery List and planning your meals will help you bring balance to your shopping. Think about this, I heard recently the milk price expects an increase to five dollars a gallon. If a family of four needs two gallons of milk a week  that will take forty dollars out of that grocery budget. If that same family receives two hundred dollars a month in food stamps, the new cost of milk will take one quarter of that budget. They will have no other choice but to purchase boxed and canned foods, which are packed with salt and preservatives.

5 Reasons Why We Do Not Eat Clean.

1. Many of us believe that healthy foods cost more.

2. Cultural habit.

3. Fast Food restaurants are too convenient.

4. Our taste buds crave for junk food.

5. This country does not push us to create eat-clean recipes.


How to eat clean on a budget.



5 Ways to Eat Clean On A Tight Budget.

1. Shop at your local farmers market. The key is to buy what’s in season (not what’s out of season).

a. Buy fresh fruits.

b. Buy fresh produce.

2. Shop in bulk. You pay more for the boxed products.

a. Beans.

b. Barley.

c. Millet.

d. Grains.

e. Flours.

f. Rolled oats.

g. and much more!

3. Stop eating out! You save big bucks when you cook your own food.

4. Eat less meat. With meat prices on the rise, you can free up your budget
for more fruit and veggies. Many beans offer great sources of protein.

5. Clip coupons. Cable television has a great show, which shows the tremendous benefits of coupons.


How To Eat Clean On A Budget & Lose Weight
Replace one meal each day with Shakeology. It is $4 per serving and beats any fast food meal deal. You get all the nutrients of a balanced meal.

 It can help you:

a. lose weight.

b. feel great.

c. fight diseases.

d. reduce cravings.

e. and much more.


1. You have better weight management.

2. You sleep better.

3. Better mood.

4. Increase your energy.

5. You look and feel better.

6. You improve your digestion.

7. Better mental focus.


The fact of the matter is simply “we are what we eat” and our food has a profound effect on how our bodies function. It is possible to eat healthy for a small price if you take advantage of those suggestions mentioned above. The body needs that constant balance of all the proper ingredients to reap the benefits of optimum health. Cutting out fast food, buying bulk and cooking more will not only feed the body what it needs but allows the whole family to eat clean on a budget.

Thanks for visiting our website, I hope these how to eat clean on a budget tips help you save more!

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