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Season of Joy

Tis the Season of Joy.

The last few weeks have been filled with shopping, family visits and parties, all full of holiday cheer. The season of joy is on like popcorn. At one party, I sampled so many sweets until I got sick to my stomach. In spite of this joyous time, I messed up. It happens! Sometimes we fall off the wagon, and we just need to hop back on. It happens to us

all at some point. Things happens! Forget what happened and start new. What should you do when you fall off a bike? You get back on and keep going. Don’t be hard on yourself. You can easily get caught up from the spoils of the season of joy. You indulge in all those holiday treats just to start a “New Year, New You Challenge”. Would you like to participate in our “Change U New Year” Challenge?


Holiday Cheer and then some.

I had a revelation this past Christmas day, as I traveled from the west side of town en route to the north side. On that day, I went through the city to avoid the highway. I suppose I wondered who might have been on the city streets or which gas stores could be open. Most drivers, on roads that stay busy, were going below the posted speed limit. It was as if each driver agreed to the same idea for one day. It nice to see folks spreading kindness on the highways. I thought to myself, “this is too good to be true.” Less than twenty four hours it was back to the same old chaotic ride through town.


Season of Joy.


What the Holiday Cheer Means.

The holidays are a time to see loved ones, catch up, and reminisce. This is my favorite time of year. During this past holiday time, I saw the care many people went to host their own parties. There was a casual approach to eating different as well as the attractive food choices. There was singing, dancing and laughter to fill up the whole room. What caught my attention was the hearty laughter, and all the folks lined up for more cookies. Some folks were as giddy as school kids on a playground. Laughter is good for the mind, body and spirit. It not only relieves stress but also relaxes the muscles. We need to laugh and relax more. If you are relaxed and stress free you can get more done.

We should take more time to prepare home cooked meals. It’s the single most thing you can do for your health. We should spread more cheer to hopeful families. We should take more time to enjoy friends and family. We should spend more time with our kids. Our kids are precious gifts from god. We should just take more time to do what is most important. Time goes by quicker than we realize. Make this season of joy a special one for you, your friends, family and loved ones.


Season Of Joy / Beachbody Challenge.

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