Fitness Tips — 01 June 2012
Training with a Knee Brace.

Tips for Training with a Knee Brace.

Exercise is an important part of daily life and having a knee brace should help, rather than hinder, your exercise or training regimen. Whether you wear a patella stabilizer, a soft support brace or a hinged knee brace, here are a few tips to help you exercise effectively with braces:

1. Wear your knee supports with care and check daily for imperfections. If your brace isn’t working properly do not wear it. Wearing a warped brace is not only uncomfortable, but it could also cause further injury. Try not to exercise until you get a functional replacement brace.

2. Make sure the knee brace is in the right place. When you put on your brace use both hands to position the brace into place. Make sure it is secure and that all the straps are correctly positioned. Make sure the hinges are where the knee bends otherwise it will be very uncomfortable. Not only that but if your brace isn’t worn correctly it can do more harm to your knee.

3. Wear your brace each day. Make sure you put on your knee support early in the morning before the leg swells up from activity. Even small exercises can strain your knee such as:

a. walking up a flight of stairs.

b. flexing your knees.

c. squats.

d. leg lifts.

e. stretching your legs.

f. to name a few.

          So be sure to wear your brace everyday during any and all activities.

4. If you are going to work out be sure to warm up. It is extremely important to stretch and warm up before you work out. Not stretching will increase your risk of further injury to the knee. With proper stretching you will have a safe workout and reduce further injury.

5. Know your limits. If you are doing an exercise and you feel strain on your knee do not continue with that exercise. Fight the temptation to push through the pain because doing so will only aggravate your current injuries.

6. Stick to these simple rules and you will have no trouble staying active with your knee support.


Author: Chris Dillon

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Why do I use a knee Brace?

1. My knees are like springs, so I want to protect them as much as possible.

2. I’m getting up in age where medical things start to happen.

3. I always use a knee support for running because it give my knees great cushioning.

4. Without knee supports, I’m not able to jump up and move about when I do intense workouts such as:

a. Insanity.

b. P90X.

c. Turbo Fire.

d. Asylum.

e. and so forth.

If you have a major knee injury, you should consult a doctor or physical therapist for the right kind of knee brace.


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