Amazing Weight Loss Success Stories!

These weight loss success stories are from real people with real results. They beat the odds, lost the weight, and transformed their lives. If they can do it, you can too! I’m here to give you some

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Fitness Weight Loss Success Stories.

Frank W.


Alicia M.


Story of the Month!


Christina H.
33 yrs., St. Louis, MO
Goal: Weight Loss, Get Healthy, Boost My Energy

After spending my life overweight, I lost over 50 pounds. As a result, I have learned to develop a better relationship with food, diet and exercise. On top of that, I have more energy to push through my workouts. Specials thanks to Coach Mike “The Nrgizer” for helping me change my life and keeping me motivated! And by the way, I sure do enjoy the Slim in 6 DVDs.




Terrie D.
Clayton, NC
Goal: Weight Loss, Cholesterol

I lost over 70 lbs with the combination of physical activity, diet and a positive attitude. I’m glad I gave the Change U Fitness Fit Club a shot. I learned to build more muscle and increase my push-up ability. When I look into the mirror now, I like what I see. Mike “The Nrgizer” helped me work through some Insanity routines that no longer give me trouble. Since drinking Shakeology, I feel a difference in my energy level. Plus, my cholesterol levels are now within healthy limits.


Shakeology Weight Loss Success Stories:


Joyce B.
50 yrs., Vestal, NY
Goal: Weight Loss, Cholesterol

Since I began Shakeology in April 2009, I have lost 53 pounds. In October 2009, I was taken off my high blood pressure medication after 2 years! My doctor has told me to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing. People tell me I look thin, awesome, beautiful, and do not look my age. I feel fantastic and much younger. I can look in the mirror and be proud of my appearance now. My skin and hair look healthy. I have more energy, and if I happen to miss taking Shakeology, I feel a difference in my energy level, as it’s not as strong.

Shakeology has made a positive healing impact on my digestive system and endocrine system. I don’t get cravings for wrong junk foods anymore. I can drive by fast food restaurants and have no desire for them anymore. Another major bonus is that I do not have hot flashes anymore—while in peri-menopause!



Weight Loss Success Stories


Stephanie C.
45 yrs., NC
Goal: Lose Weight, Reduce Cholesterol

I have been hypoglycemic over 30 years. I used to be the cook for our family functions. I was heavy on the margarine, I used too much salt, and sugar was my best friend. I didn’t care how I prepared my foods as long as it tasted good. When I went for a doctor’s visit my triglyceride numbers went through the roof and my cholesterol was out of control. A lifetime of poor eating habits put me on a downward spiral. He told me to make some changes or get placed on cholesterol meds.

Fast forward 3 months later, I have a new found respect for food. I’m getting healthier when I drink Shakeology each day. I cut out Bo Jangles and McDonalds. When I cook vegetables I now use olive oil instead of margarine. At one point, I hit a plateau, and Mike “The Nrgizer” motivated me to push harder.

I dusted off my running shoes. I work up a sweat doing walk run exercises. Other times, I do at home DVDs like Brazil Butt Lift or Chalean Extreme. Here are my results from a follow-up visit to the doctor’s office.

1. I lost 25 pounds.

2. My bad cholesterol numbers went down 63 points.

3. I lowered my tryglycerides more then 50%.



Balance Blood Sugar
Shannon C., RI

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 30 years. I drink Shakeology before I do my workouts and it sustains a healthy blood sugar level for me all the way to the end.


If you need weight loss motivation, we can help. These weight loss success stories worked for them, they can work for you!