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Project YOU Type 2: How to Manage Diabetes.

Kathy Smith’s Project YOU Type 2 is the first new all-in-one lifestyle solution for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes. For a preview, you can watch clips of the Kathy Smith Fitness Videos.


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Project YOU: The Healthy Approach to help Fight Type 2 Diabetes.

Kathy Smith Project YOU Type 2 is a lifestyle solution for those diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes. It’s the first nutrition and fitness program of it’s kind to be backed by the American Diabetes Association. It really says a lot when the American Diabetes Association puts their seal of approval on this program. Created in conjunction with doctors, certified diabetes educators, and the American Diabetes Association, Project YOU Type 2 can help you

a. manage your diabetes.
b. reduce your risk for diabetes.
c. get back in control of your life through good nutrition and fitness.

This program includes your favorite foods so you never have to settle for for less. You also get a cookbook that includes recipes for pizza and burgers. If you have a hard time coming up with a meal plan, this program includes a 7 day fix meal plan, which tells you what to eat each day, in terms of:

a. breakfast.
b. lunch.
c. dinner.
d. and snacks.


The Mix and Match meal cards allow you to enjoy food without having to worry about spikes in your sugar. This means you do not create your own meal plan because the Mix and Match meal cards does all the work.


A Close Look at Project You – Yoga Flex:

Yoga Flex is a challenging yet rejuvenating workout.
How does it benefit you?

1. It leaves you feeling great.
2. It helps you improve your posture and flexibility.
3. It helps you lengthen your entire body.
4. It helps you strengthen your body.


What Equipment Do You Need?

1. Water.
3. Towel.
4. bare feet.
5. comfortable clothes.


What Do You Get When You Buy Project YOU?

 Try Project YOU Type 2.

Here’s What You Get:


Good2Move! 12-Week Fitness Program for All Levels.

1. Workout Wallet With DVDs and CD. 

Includes Kathy’s original 8 workouts for:

a. fat-burning.
b. strength training.
c. core strength.
d. flexibility.
e. Plus 2 audio walking programs for healthy
outdoor exercise.

e1. Steady strides with Power Walking.
e2. Interval Walking with Power Bursts.

2. 12-Week Workout Guide.

a. Learn how to get started.
b. get moving.
c. get the most out of your workouts.



3. 12-Week Workout Calendar.

a. Shows you which workouts to do each day.
b. Shows you when to rest.
c. You get a daily checklist to help keep on track.

4. Good2Eat! Meal Guides.

5. Cookbook.

6. Mix-and-Match Meal Cards. Color-coded cards with great (a) meals and (b) snacks, which you can mix and
match to create your own meal plans.


Good2Go! Support Tools.

1. Program Guide and 12-Week Food & Fitness Journal. All the helpful information you need about fitness and
healthy eating in one guide.

Plus a 90-day journal to:

a. track your food.
b. track your exercise.
c. track your weight.
d. blood glucose readings.

2. Online Support. Enjoy access to FREE tips and advice from Kathy and an online community of people
helping each other succeed.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
If you’re not 100% satisfied with this product, just return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked.


Your Price: $99.95