P90X One on One Volume Three


A Close Look at P90X One on One Volume Three:

Are you ready for P90X One on One Volume Three? The One on One series brings you into Tony’s home gym, where you get to work with him one on one. It is used as an extension of P90X. Tony introduces new moves that force your muscles to adapt and grow all the time. If you like the P90X Program, then you will enjoy the P90X One on One Workouts.

One on One Volume 3: The third Collector’s Edition in a series of 3.

Expand your library with P90X One on One Volume Three, an Exclusive DVD Collector’s Box. You get 12 new routines to keep your muscles confused. With Volume 3, you’ll take it up a notch. Just you and Tony, testing out new routines for P90X2™, the next P90X. A no-frills, unscripted workout, ONE on ONE lets you add a new layer of Muscle Confusion.


P90X One on One Volume Three.

P90X One on One Volume Three


What Do You Get When You Buy P90X One on One Volume Three?

Here’s what you get:

includes 12 DVDs to keep your muscles confused:


  1. Chest, Back and Balls.

  2. ARX2.

  3. Shoulders and Arms: MC2.

  4. Base and Back.

  5. Yoga: MC2.

  6. Plyocide.

  7. Stretch and Recovery.

  8. V Sculpt.

  9. Core Synergistics: Mc2.

10. Upper Body X.

11. P.A.P.

12. Total Body X.


To track your progress, be sure to use the P90X One on One Worksheets. This way you know your starting point and how to advance.

A Close look at One on One MC2 Volume 3 – Disc 3:  Shoulders and Arms.

This is the sequel to P90X Shoulders and Arms. The workout is structured to push your heavy weights first, for all muscle groups, then you push light weights. This is not an easy workout if you push yourself. You do three sets of heavy shoulder moves, then three sets of lighter shoulder moves. The same thing applies for triceps and biceps. If you are coming from P90X to this workout there will be some new moves, such as crazy eights. Tony does a good job of coaching in this routine. He gets into the theory behind the workout structure. He goes over proper form and discusses the importance on the fine tuning muscles, the lower weight higher rep exercises.

What type of equipment do you need?

a. Weights or resistance bands.

b. Chair or bench.

c. Stability Ball.

A Close look at One on One MC2 Volume 3 – Disc 9: Core Synergistics.

This is the sequel to P90X Core Synergistics. It’s a very nice routine to get a lot of core focus. You will make yourself more athletic, and a more efficient person in sports or everyday life. Your arms and legs become more in tuned and stronger when you have an efficient core. You will feel a burn in the core, glutes, hip flexors and back.

What equipment do you need?

a. Medicine Ball.

b. Stability Ball.

c. Yoga or Pilates Mat for padding.

d. Furniture carpet sliders (or something to slide on the floor for your hands or feet).

The Volume 3 collection gives you a year’s worth of killer routines never done in P90X or the previous One on One volumes.


Your Price: $239.40