P90X One on One Volume Two


A Close Look at P90X One on One Volume Two.

Are you ready for P90X One on One Volume Two? The P90X One on One series brings you into Tony’s home gym, where you get to work with him one on one. It is an extension of Tony Horton’s P90X. Tony introduces new moves that force your muscles to adapt and grow all the time. If you like the P90X Program, then you will enjoy the P90X One on One Workouts.


P90X One on One Volume Two: The second Collector’s Edition in a series of 3.

Expand your library with P90X One on One Volume Two, an exclusive DVD Collector’s Box. You get 12 new routines to push your body to the limit. It’s all packaged in a sturdy slipcase that will stand up to years of use. You’ve worked hard to sculpt your body, so why let up now? Keep the Muscle Confusiongoing with trainer Tony Horton’s P90X ONE on ONE series.



Now you can order P90X One on One Volume Two in one box set.


What Comes w/ P90X One on One Volume Two?

Here’s what you get:

P90X One on One Volume Two.  

The collection includes all 12 DVDs:

1. Cardio Intervals. You sweat like never before.

2. Core Ball Sandwich. You get intense core workouts using various types of balls.

3. Patience “Hummingbird”.

a. Tony takes you back to the old school, like 2000 years.

b. In just 30 minutes, you increase your flexibility in ways you never thought possible.

4. 10-Minute Crusher Pack.

a. Tony proves there’s no excuse for skipping your workout.

b. You get 3 back-to-back 10-minute workouts.

5. Butt & Belly (I Dare You). Tony helps you

a. fire your glutes.

b. shred your abs.

in the most creative ways.

6. Back & Belly. This 30 minute workout can chisel your large back and core muscles.

7. On One Leg. You work this entire workout on one leg. How tough can that be?




8. Iso Abs. Tony gives you an isometric routine just to shred the fat off your abs!

9. Cardio Confusion – Mason’s Choice. Tony applies the Muscle Confusion principle to cardio training. This routine will leave you

a. guessing.

b. gasping.

c. and competing.

in a calorie-burning contest.

10. 100/30/20.

You get Tony’s circuit of

a. 100 jump rope sets.

b. 30  sculpting crunches.

c. 20 strength crazy push ups.

will quickly rip you up.

11. 4 Legs. One on One on one leg 4 legs! Tony works the biggest muscles in your body while you work on one leg.

The benefits:

a. You build strength.

b. You build stamina.

c. You build balance.

12. Upper Body Balance. Every move is a challenge! You need “every fiber” of your upper body engaged…all the way down to your quads.

To track your progress, be sure to use the P90X One on One Worksheets. This way you know your starting point and how to advance.

The Volume 2 collection gives you a year’s worth of killer routines that’s never been done. They’re all no-frills and unscripted, just you and the man working out in his private gym. And each is only 20 to 40 minutes long, which makes it easy to work them into your schedule.


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