P90X One on One

P90X One on One.

P90X One on One

The P90X One on One Details.

What is P90X One on One? I get this question a lot. Is it a 90 day workout program? Is it a 60 day workout program? Is it a good workout?

I will say, adding these workouts to your library will be worth the investment. Your results will be living proof! These workouts are a great option if you want to mix them into a hybrid routine. For instance, I have done Insanity, Asylum, P90X, ChaLEAN Extreme, Turbo Fire, and some One on One’s. I like to use Asylum, Insanity® Shaun T, and Turbo Fire as my cardio workouts and mix in some P90X and ChaLEAN Extreme for resistance. Sometimes I might choose a One on One workout for cardio or resistance just to change things up. I like to keep my body guessing so I don’t hit a plateau. The more you mix things up, the faster you see results. If you want to lose the fat and stack on the muscle, you need to keep your workouts intense and keep the muscles in surprise mode.

Are you ready to go with Tony Horton One on One? The One on One series brings you into Tony’s home gym, where you get to work with him one on one!

You add another layer of Muscle confusion with P90X One on One. Just you and Tony, knocking out a no-frills, unscripted workout to keep busting through those plateaus.

Which parts of your body need the most punishment? You can choose from any One on One single or any One on One volume to keep you ripped. One on one brings you up close and personal with Tony as he pushes you to reach a higher fitness level. The P90X One on One singles cover everything from each volume. You get up close and personal with Tony Horton and director Mason Bendewald. Tony is coming up with new exercises in his gym to keep himself and you in extreme shape, and Mason is there to get the REAL Tony experience on video. Miss a workout? Catch up here!


What Is P90X One on One All About?

The P90X One on Ones are basically new workouts every month. Currently there are 3 volumes consisting of 12 DVDs each.

1. With One on One Volume 1, you get the entire first season (Volume 1) in an exclusive DVD Collector’s Box. The Volume 1 -Full Edition- comes with 12 heart-pounding exercises, plus a FREE bonus workout. Your muscles are forced to adapt to new moves, so they keep growing.

2. With One on One Volume 2, you can expand your library with the entire second season (Volume 2) in an exclusive DVD Collector’s Box. You get 12 fresh routines to push your body to the extreme.

3. With One on One Volume 3, you’ll take it up a notch. Just you and Tony, testing out new routines for P90X2.


If you like Tony Horton and you like P90X, then chances are you will enjoy the P90X One on One workouts.  Watch video for more details.


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