Power 90 Master Series

Power 90 Master Series.

Power 90® Master Series

What’s Power 90 Master Series all about?

Power 90 Master Series is set to take your results even further! You will work your body like never before, sculpting lean muscles and losing maximum body fat. With all new workouts, you focus on specific muscle groups to ensure that your entire body is trained and no trouble area is neglected. If you are looking for a strong lean body, the Power 90® Master Series can deliver the results!

Advanced, targeted workouts and innovative new moves to get you lean and ripped in less time. With trainer Tony Horton.

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Power 90® Master Series.


Tony Horton’s unique training style will keep you motivated every step of the way. These advanced workouts target specific problem areas so you get maximum body sculpting and muscle definition.


What You Get w/ Power 90 Master Series:


1. Core Cardio.
Engage your core and get a lean, ripped midsection with these intense cardio and sculpting moves. Improves balance, coordination and endurance while delivering the results you’ve been after! (48 minutes)

2. Plyo Legs
An explosive lower-body workout with Tony’s breakthrough plyometric moves to strengthen, sculpt, and shape your legs, hips, and glutes. (49 minutes)

3. Sculpt 5-6.
Turn up the intensity and focus on those key areas with Tony’s best total-body sculpting workout yet! (48 minutes)

4. Sweat 5-6.
A big-time calorie-burning workout that raises the bar on your cardio and gets you totally more lean and ripped! (49 minutes)

5. Cardio Intervals.
Burn maximum fat and reshape your body from head to toe with Tony’s challenging cardio intervals. (56 minutes)

6. UML (Upper Middle Lower).
Get started on these innovative new sequences for a ripped upper body, chiseled abs, and a firm, sculpted butt. (40 minutes)

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Learn how to target your specific goals and maximize your results!

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Your Price: $59.85


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