2 Day Fast

Try 2 Day Fast Formula.

2 Day Fast Formula

Does the 2 Day Fast Formula work?

The 2 Day Fast Formula gets you out of the gate fast! 

Lose up to 7 pounds in 2 days with our creamy, delicious shake. You’ll reduce cravings and start burning the hard-to-lose fat. Only 110 calories per serving.

How does the 2 Day Fast work?

1. cleans out your digestive tract.

2. helps you restore the mineral balance in your body.

2 days is all you need to:

1. cleanse.

2. gain control of your body.


If  you’re ready to rid your excess body fat, this is the perfect place to start.


What are the Benefits of the Beachbody Two-Day Fast?

Fasting for two days will allow you to:

1. fully process all the food in your system.

2. flush out the toxins.

3. burn fat.

4. You eat less food because you feel full.


You can end your 2 Day fast with:

1. a revved metabolism.

2. a renewed sense of vigor.

3. a readiness to move on to your fitness program!


Why Should You Use 2-Day Fast Formula For Two Days?

1. A sense of being slim.*

2. A Total body cleanse.*

3. A decrease in junk food cravings.*

4. A boost of energy.*

5. An increase in weight loss from your work out routine.*

6. You can burn off that hard-to-lose fat.


By allowing your body to stop breaking down food, you burn off stored fat.


All you need to do . . .
Just take 2 Day Fast Formula instead of food for two days. This fast is better than the 2-Day Juice Fasts so popular on the market and afterwards you’ll feel thin, refreshed, and cleansed. Your skin will look more radiant because you’ve stopped taxing your body.

It Works—Or Your Money Back!
It’s true! Our test groups have shown that those who enhanced their workouts with 2 Day Fast Formula

1. lost 3–7 pounds.

2. felt healthier.

3. felt more energetic, and in control.


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