P90X Recovery Formula Packets

P90X Recovery Formula Packets.

P90X Recovery Formula Packets

Why You Need P90X Recovery Formula.

If you’re looking for a great post workout supplement to reduce muscle soreness, then you need the P90X Recovery Formula Packets. If you want to achieve great results, you must have a post workout meal. All true athletes need a product that will provide relief and rebuilding. Often times trainers will suggest a local GNC store to find something to help with muscle soreness and repair. The number one concern about widely sold products on store shelves is that the buyer does not know how good the product is for their body.

After intense workouts, your muscles and cells start to break down. The glycogen kept your in body is probably gone. You need to get back your proteins and carbohydrates into starving muscles to promote lean muscle growth and repair. This has to be done within the first hour of your workout. That’s where the P90X Recovery Formula Packets takes shape. The key is to get your rate up to an anaerobic state. So you want to be working out at a high level of exertion. That’s where intense workouts such as Turbo Fire and P90X payoff because you burn off so much glycogen in your muscles. You can drink the Recovery Formula after workouts or during workouts. For example, it can be handy during spin classes where you do a lot of speed or hill intervals. Your heart rate will go sky high so it is important to stay hydrated as you push through.


The P90X Results and Recovery Formula:

1. forms up your stores of glycogen, which is the fuel for your muscles.
2. has proteins and carbohydrates that prevent the break down of your muscles.
3. has trace amounts of creatine to help you build lean muscle.


How The Results and Recovery Formula helps.

1. refuel your muscles after your P90X routines.
2. re-energize.
3. reduce muscle soreness.
4. get four parts carbs to one part protein.
5. recover faster.
6. see better results.
7. gain muscle mass.
8. get the nutrients you need.


Are P90X Recovery Formula Packets Healthy?

1. no artificial flavors.
2. no sweeteners.
3. no colors.


PX90 Results and Recovery Formula Nutritional Information:

1. Dextrose-based formula.*
2. A high Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER).*
3. Vitamins, including antioxidants, to help: a. reduce muscle soreness. b. assist you in repair and growth.*


Click here for the printable nutrition information sheet.


What is the P90X Recovery Formula?

1. state-of-the-art.
2. great tasting.
3. a body-shaping cocktail that’s guaranteed to take your results to the next level.
4. a high-carb drink / post workout drink that helps you recover faster.
5. You drink it during workouts or after your workouts.


How do you mix the powder from the P90X Recovery Formula Packets?

1. Two Scoops of powder.
2. I like to use 20 ounces of cold water (filtered).
3. Add 2 ice cubes.
4. Combine powder, water and ice cubes in blender.
5. When you are on the go, mix powder and water in shaker cup.


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The Results and Recovery Formula is available in a tub or single-serve packs (30-day supply) for on-the-go use.


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