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What’s So Special About The Beachbody Squishy Ball?

You can reshape your body in just a few weeks with the beachbody squishy ball. With this amazing tool, you will work the core muscles to improve your balance, flexibility, core strength, inner thighs and more. This small tool is far more comfortable to use than traditional Pilates props.


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Features For The Squishy Ball:

1. round.

2. bouncy.

3. 6″ diameter in size.

4. inflatable.

5. does not occupy much space.

6. many colors to choose from.

7. easy to assemble.

8. not squishy stretchy toys.


Exercises For The Squishy Ball:

1. Ab crunches.

2. Side crunches.

3. Leg lifts.

4. Squat with Ball (5 to 10 reps).

a. Place feet shoulder-width apart.

b. place ball between legs above your knees.

c. squeeze your inner thighs to hold ball steady.

d. lower your body into a squat for 5 counts.

e. raise your body to the standing position for 6 counts.

5. Inner Thigh Press with Ball (4 to 5 reps).

a. Lay on your back.

b. bend your knees.

c. keep soles of your feet flat on the floor.

d. position ball between your knees.

e. engage your inner thighs to squeeze the ball for 20 counts.

f. rest for 10 counts.

g. repeat cycle.


Our Squishy Mesh Ball offers many advantages for total-body wellness:

1. You can develop the shapely legs you’ve always wanted.

2. You can Strengthen your lower abs.

3. You can tone your lower abs.

4. Helps patients with hip disproportions.

5. You can enhance your coordination.

6. You can improve your flexibility.

7. You can improve your balance while you work out on an unstable surface.


And because the Squishy Ball is so adaptable, you’ll be able to:

1. Customize the resistance by inflating or deflating it.
2. Adjust it to your specific hip width for maximum comfort.

Size: 6″ diameter (color and size may vary).


What Are The Benefits Of A Squishy Ball?

1. tightens your core.

2. sculpts your inner thighs.

3. targets proper hip alignment.

4. can be used in Pilates.

5. can be used in Yoga.


The Squishy Ball is also available in the Yoga Booty Ballet Fitness Program. You get a combination of:

1. dynamic fusion of yoga.

2. booty sculpting.

3. dance.


You can start using the Beachbody Squishy Ball from your home gym today!


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