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How to Become Better Stage Performers

Tips On How To Become Better Stage Performers.

Ka-Je’ Projek’s Stage Performance Ideas

Each year dozens of young ladies aspire to become better stage performers when they profess to be the next (a) Beyonce, (b) Lady Gaga, (c) Rihanna, (d) Adele, … Many of these young hopefuls might have the vocal skills to stand out in a crowd, but do they possess the physical stamina to avoid fatigue?

Several years ago, I heard a male group perform in the coastal Virginia area. They truly had the makings of the next Boys II Men group. Two things stuck with me about this group and other groups of that era – the dance routines and vocal delivery. They got my attention because dancing to great music helps me express myself. Clearly, those guys deserve more recognition for their efforts. Sweat dripping down their face, muscles shaking all over… Just ask Shaun T, the former background dancer, how to get it done! I never realized how stamina could make a difference until I started making my own music. Amazingly, stamina helped me discover how to hold longer notes and control my voice. Once you learn controlled breathing methods your voice floats effortlessly. If you don’t believe me, check out my single, “I Surrender“.


How The Best Stage Performers get it done.

The best performers really know how to light up a stage. Their display of powerhouse vocals combined with electrifying stage performances require a great deal of energy (ask me how I know). If you (the performer) don’t prepare your body to meet the physical demands (i.e. (a.) eat real food (no snicker’s bar), (b.) drink more water, (c.) adapt to physical activity,…), you could over exert yourself. On top of that, you could lose your audience where they never get on board with you again. To be a top performer (whether you’re an artist, dancer, athlete,…), you need tons of (a.) energy, (b.) effort and (c.) courage. Having said that, being fit gives you ten times more energy to run the race and do your gigs. So what’s the best way to start, you ask?

Maybe you like dancing or perhaps you’re in to weight training programs. With that said, what is it that you like that would get you off your couch? I will send you my short tips sheet as well as other resources that helped me. In the meantime, thanks for visiting our website. I hope this post on how to become better stage performers gives you some food for thoughts.

I’m Ka-Je Projek,

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