Motivation — 10 April 2014
Merging Super Ministries

Two Super Ministries Unveiled.

Have you ever found yourself so deeply involved in your own agenda and stirring your own “pot” that you failed to realize the parts that make your plan complete are right in front of your face? Well, I had an epiphany several months ago with my partner and wife Ka-Je Projek (

To start from the beginning, we have always been very passionate about our music. I have always loved and appreciated good music (even from the time I took piano lessons) and my wife has always loved writing lyrics. As a couple, we did not even think to explore those talents until God showed us we could change lives in our community through music. Although my wife never wanted to perform her music, she had the opportunity to have her songs recorded in a professional studio. She received excellent coaching to help her get over the hill of self-doubt. Fast forward a number of years, she consistently writes and collaborates with others, seeking my critiques and re-writes. As she mastered her craft through the years, we both continued to deal with family health problems and deaths. This took us down a “health focused” path. We both became fitness coaches and now we have combined our two passions. The heart of what we do centers around three missions, two super ministries and one savior to glorify God.


The Three Fold-Mission

The Formula: Fitness + Nutrition + Ministry Music = Changed Lives!


We will continue to work with more church groups and organizations while expanding our ministries. We are most concerned about God’s children not being able to have the health and stamina to do His work. Our ministry plans to change that one church at a time, one person at a time. If you do His work, God will bless you. Stay tuned for more from Mike “The Nrgizer” and Ka-Je Projek.

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