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Quick Home Workouts

Quick Home Workouts to burn fat.

Are quick home workouts a good choice? My answer? You could lengthen your life doing 15 minute workouts each day. In fact, you could lose weight with just 10 minute workouts each day. In spite of all this, many readers tell us they just do not have time to work out. Like you, we have busy lives, we have a full plate, and we have a short window of time. That’s why we opt for quick workouts that get you in the best shape, in the least amount of time. For example, HIIT 15 from the Turbo Fire Workout is quick, fast and very intense! It is a great workout for busy people. In just 15 minutes, it can help you

1. build muscle.

2. tone up.

3. burn more calories.

4. shed pounds.

5. boost your energy.


Another thing you can do is tailor workouts to fit into your schedule. In this hustle and rush lifestyle we all live… it’s no surprise stores like Wal-Mart, the one stop shopping center, and McDonalds, the fun food place, have seen sales sky rocket in any economy.

When time is not your friend, you can do quick easy “fit perks” to help you steal a little exercise. These are quick workouts you can do at home. Try these great moves to get the blood pumping through your veins. Repeat this as many times as you can in 10 minutes (push until you can’t do any more). Before you start make sure you do a warm up (i.e. stretching, jumping rope, yoga, and so forth). Your body will thank you later. So be safe and make sure to listen to your body.

1. Lift milk jug (20 reps).

2. Push ups (20 reps).

3. Make your bed twice (yep, that burns calories).

4. Dips on the edge of a chair (2 sets, 10 to 15 reps).

5. Jumping Jacks (60 seconds).

6. 50 calf raises.

7. Burpees (10 to 15 reps).


Calf Raises

Quick_Home_Workouts / Calf Raises


Quick Home Workouts.

Do you have 10 minutes a day?

Try the 10 Minute Trainer when you are pressed for time. In just 10 minutes, you can

1. tone.

2. shape.

3. sculpt your body from head to toe.

Click here to learn more.


Quick Home Workouts for Abs.

If you want to strengthen your core, these are great workout routines for your midsection.

1. Leg raises on exercise ball (2 sets, 10 to 15 reps).

2. 1 minute plank.

3. Oblique crunches (2 sets, 10 to 15 reps).

4. Side plank (30 seconds per side).

5. Flutter kicks (60 seconds).

6. to name a few.

Leg raises on Exercise Ball






How do you get six pack abs?

The first thing I would say is review your diet. Believe it or not, the six-pack starts in the kitchen. As far as a workout, I suggest RevAbs if you want to burn the fat off your core. You work the abs from six angles to shrink your waist. Click here to learn more.

The reality is some sort of activity has health benefits. With our diets being depleted of quality minerals and our water being full of toxic residue, we have to start somewhere. Why not start with quick home workouts and a healthy diet.




Home Workouts.

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