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This Shakeology Review was solely based on opinions made by a panel of doctors. If you can’t trust doctors, who can you trust? You can find viewers who support ANY kind of meal replacement shake. Some are celebrities. Some are multi level marketers. Some are customers. With that said, I’m absolutely hooked on Chocolate Vegan Shakeology!

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Shakeology Review: See What 100+ Doctors Say

First, consider why they give that particular supplement a good review. Is it based on personal bias or scientific conclusion? Whether you’re a visual or an auditory person, watch what over 100 PHYSICIANS say about Shakeology. Learn why it’s a game changer for them and their patients too. These aren’t “feel good” stories about how a shake made them feel happy and full. Personally, that’s the kind of Shakeology Reviews I’m interested in – those that are based on evidence and logic.


See Medical Expert opinions below.



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Shakeology Review: Read What Doctors Say

If you prefer reading, then view the opinions below for yourself. These are REAL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS with REAL CONCLUSIONS. Many of them still use what is considered, “The Healthiest Meal Of The Day” and have become long-term customers. You can feel good about a product that a doctor not only recommends but also uses himself. Read what they say:


1. A Key to Good Nutrition.

Shakeology Review

#1. Dr. Stephen Patt.
Family Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

You are what you eat.

My perspective used to be if you eat healthy and take care of yourself, you’ll be fine. After 30 years of medical practice I’ve found that’s really not true because modern society had changed and the food that we eat is no longer healthy food. Shakeology is a tool, a really sophisticated tool. Nutritionally, it’s superior to anything I’ve seen out on the market right now.

a. It can help you reduce your bad cholesterol.
b. It’s packed with nutrients that boost your immune system.
c. It’s low in calories.


2. Helps Control Weight.

Shakeology Review

#2. Dr. Matthew Janssen.
Emergency Medicine, Pomona, CA

“If you get your weight and health under control, the blood pressure will take care of itself. If you could convince people to supplement breakfast or lunch with a shake like this, it could go a long way towards helping you lose weight.”


3. Great Supplement.


#3. Dr. Mark Cheng.
Chinese Medicine, Santa Monica, CA

a. high quality ingredients.
b. a product from nutrient-rich soils.


4. Aids Digestive Health.


#4. Dr. William Katkov.
Gastroenterologist, Santa Monica, CA

a. you get proteins and amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle.
b. helps you keep a balance of good bacteria in your intestinal track.
c. helps keep you regular.
d. helps you keep a sense of well-being.


5. Low Glycemic Index.


#21. Dr. Catherine Hannan.
Plastic Surgeon, Arlington, VA

I think it’s amazing how Shakeology has such a low glycemic index. When you taste it, you really think you’re drinking a milkshake. You’d be surprised that there’s not more simple sugar in there. I know there is a sweetener in there, an all-natural sweetener, which is great. To have that flavor, to have that almost kind of a guilty pleasure, and then realize it’s such a low glycemic index, it’s a nice surprise.


6. Helps Prevent Heart Disease.


#24. Dr. Mark Tannenbaum.
Cardiologist, Oakton, VA

a. has everything you need in a vitamin.
b. low caloric content.


#33. Dr. Matthew Lorio.
Plastic Surgeon, Washington, DC

a. easy to drink.
b. easy to make.
c. offers you a well-rounded meal.
d. it satiates your hunger.


#37. Brian Long.
Bariatric Surgeon, Washington, DC

“It could be useful for many of our patients in terms of a meal replacement.”


Shakeology Review – Nutritional Information Labels


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I hope this Shakeology Review helps you make a wise choice about how you will fuel your body for maximum results!