Shaun T Fit Kids Club

Shaun T Fit Kids Club.

Shaun T Fit Kids Club


What Is Shaun T Fit Kids Club?

Shaun T Fit Kids Club is an an in-home dance-based fitness program geared for kids (young & old). It brings fun and fitness to help kids of every age achieve a healthy lifestyle!


Everybody Say HEY!

Shaun T’s got a new workout FOR KIDS ONLY! Get down and get fit with Shaun T Fit Kids Club workouts for kids ages 7 and up! It’s all about sweat, strength, and FUN with mad awesome dance moves that keep you healthy and energized! It doesn’t matter what your size or shape is—or even if you can’t dance. Shaun T will teach you cool, new steps with rad music so you’ll be rockin’ out in no time! These workouts are so much fun, you won’t even feel like they’re exercise! Kids Fitness is a great way to get your children up and moving.


Why Is Shaun T Fit Kids Club So Effective?

The Shaun T Fit Kids Club workouts show other kids that real kids can have a good time working out. The group fitness environment makes exercise fun and working out at home less intimidating for many kids. Plus, the snack tips, label-reading guide, and wall poster are helpful.

1. The Smart Snacking Guide helps you choose healthy, kid-friendly snack ideas.

2. The Guide to Reading Nutrition Labels teaches you how to read food labels so you can evaluate what’s in food.

3. Shaun T Fit Kids Club wall poster keeps track of your workouts.


How was Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club created?

With a childhood obesity crisis sweeping the nation, Shaun T wanted to create a program that would get kids off the couch and on their feet. The most important thing was that these workouts had to be fun! And that’s how the Fit Kids Club program was invented. By teaching kids cool, modern dance moves these workouts never feel like exercise. What’s so cool is that it doesn’t matter if you can dance.


What Do You Get When You Buy Shaun T Fit Kids Club?

Get 2 Totally Rad Workouts!

GROOVE IT OUT! Get your groove on with Shaun T Fit Kids Club, doing cool dance steps like:

1. the Hustle.

2. We’re Cool.

3. Body Jam.

4. Wind & Toss.

5. Bounce & Swipe.

6. Basketball.

You’ll be having so much fun, you’ll forget you’re exercising! It’ll become the best part of your day! (25 minutes)


COOL MOVES! Get funky while you get healthy. In the Shaun T videos, he shows you new hip, hot steps like:

1. The Hey!

2. Snake It.

3. Pound & Hop.

4. Dust & Wave.

5. and Smooth Groove.

Learn the coolest moves and get in great shape at the same time! Shaun T grooves along with you every step of the way, making the moves easy to learn. The music is upbeat and motivating, and it’s appropriate for everyone. Work it out every day with Shaun T Fit Kids Club (25 minutes).

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It’s Kids Fitness at its best!


Your Kids Will Love It—or Your Money Back!

Just click YES below now to try this program with Shaun’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your product within 30 days, just return the program for the full purchase price, less shipping and handling, no questions asked.

Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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