Shakeology Shaker Cup

 Shakeology Shaker Cup.

Free Shakeology Shaker Cup

Where to Get Free Shakeology Shaker Cup!

The new 20-oz Shakeology Shaker Cup is stylish, yet sturdy and capable of mixing one scoop of Shakeology with a liquid (i.e. a. water, b. milk, or c. juice) in just a few shakes. If you want a good shaker cup, you’ve come to the right place. It is the perfect size to mix your powder and liquid well. This way you take in all the vital nutrients your body needs in one meal.


How to Get Free Shaker Cup:

1. We send you a FREE Shakeology Shaker Cup when you order Shakeology on Home Direct from this

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Choose from 7 delicious all-natural flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Café Latte, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry Vegan or Chocolate Vegan. Plus get free shipping each month with your Home Direct order. You may cancel at any time. For more information about Shakeology, please visit: What is Shakeology? Otherwise, click here to buy Shakeology at the lowest price.


2. Save more when you buy Shakeology bundled with a fitness program (21 Day Fix, T25, PiYo Kickstart, etc)
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Why this Shakeology Shaker Cup works:

1. it’s BPA free.
2. it’s leak proof.
3. it’s easy to use.
4. it’s easy to clean.
5. it’s new and improved.
6. it’s larger.
7. perfect on-the-go meal.
8. easy to drink from lid.
9. light weight.


What you get.

1. cup.
2. twist on lid.
3. strainer.


How the strainer works.

The strainer sifts the powder clumps in your shake. If you mix it the wrong way, you will see left over chunks at the bottom of your cup. You want to mix it the right way so you won’t have a bad experience. You can add a couple of ice cubes to the bottom of your cup. The ice will serve as an agitator and help it mix well. The ice cubes make a cold shake taste good.


How do you mix Shakeology in these Shaker Cups?

1. Add two ice cubes to the bottom of your cup.
2. Place strainer right across the top of your cup.
3. Add the Shakeology powder on top of strainer.
4. Add 12 oz. of liquid to your protein powder (I like to use filtered water).
5. Secure the lid.
6. You shake it.
7. You are ready to drink it.


The new BPA Free Shaker cup makes life easy for you to get all your nutrients on-the-go. Shake, shake, shake your meal shake!

You will not find this healthy meal replacement shake at GNC stores or any other retail outlet. Gets Yours Now!


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