Slimming Formula

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Slimming Formula

Slimming Formula – Pre-Workout Formula.

Not only is Slimming Formula a great weight-loss supplement, but it also removes the extra water you don’t want from your body. My sister has seen it flatten her tummy while doing Slim in 6. You take two pills before your meal 3 times a day. You get a 30-day supply.

What’s in Slimming Formula?

The Slimming Formula – Pre-Workout Formula offers a unique blend of:

1. pyruvate.

2. green tea extract.

You can lose more fat with our blend of pyruvate and green tea extract. It is proven to help you significantly increase weight loss and improve exercise endurance.*It’s true! Test groups have shown that those who enhanced their workouts with Slimming Formula lost more fat than those who did not.*†


Naturally Potent Ingredients.

You can forget about ephedra. We DON’T use it in any of our products, period! If you want to lose weight the safe and natural way, you want the powerful combination of all-natural pyruvate and green tea extract. These proven ingredients will get you the slimming results you want, without jittery side effects. No nausea! No Upset stomach! No tremors! It is also safe to use with other medications.

Get Your Best Possible Results—Or Your Money Back!


How Can You Benefit From Slimming Formula?

1. It curbs food cravings.

2. It works well with exercise.

3. It ramps up your metabolism.

4. It burns fat.

5. It’s all-natural ingredients (a. No colors. b. No sweeteners. c. No preservatives.)


Why should you take the Slimming Formula?

1. you will lose more lbs.

2. you will burn more fat.

3. you can get your best results possible—we guarantee it!


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†In a nonclinical Beachbody® test group, those who used Slimming Formula along with their Beachbody program lost more body fat.

Isn’t it time you started burning fat and speeding up your weight loss naturally?

**With Home Direct, you’ll receive this item every 30 days, shipped directly to your door and billed to the credit card used today. You may cancel at any time.


One of the best Slim in 6 Supplements.

Try it during your Slim in 6 for faster slimming and toning results!


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, just return it within 30 days for a full refund, less s&h-no questions asked.