Body Beast Equipment

Where To Get Your Body Beast Equipment?

If you’re looking for equipment offered with the Body Beast Program, you’ve come to the right place. Get these five essentials to help you Burn More Fat, Build More Muscle, and Turn More Heads! As trainer Sagi Kalev Butt says, “If You Want To Get Big, You Gotta Lift Big”. Click links below to learn more about each piece of equipment (side note: I also recommend the P90X Chin-up Bar to get the most out of your chin-ups and pull-ups. However, you can substitute Resistance Bands if you do not own a pull-up / chin-up bar).

                 Beast PowerBlock Adjustable Workout Bench (Body Beast Equipment)

PowerBlock Adjustable Workout Bench ($199.95)

It’s got a 550 lb maximum weight capacity, plus five bench settings. When you bring the bench to an incline position your incline press just went from working the bulk of your upper body to the top pecs and front delts. That’s great because now you’re getting your body to recruit new muscle fibers. When you look at the flat position, the Skull Crusher move is going to take your triceps to a whole new level. Core moves, such as the tuck & roll and weighted crunch will help you get those ripped abs. Can you see why I get super-charged about this piece of equipment? I use it for Hammer & Chisel, Body Beast and other weight training systems. Are you ready to get into beast mode?

                    EZ Curl Bar Weight Set

EZ Curl Bar Weight Set ($129.95)

Nice set of plated weights. The varied curvatures on the curl bar allows you to change your hand grips. You will do lot of curls and back workouts use this equipment. I also like to use
dumbbells for my drop sets, super-sets and giant sets.

                    BodyBeast EZ Curl Bar w Spring Collars

EZ Curl Bar w Spring Collars ($54.95)

        Barbell Weights.

Barbell Weights ($61.90)

                       Spring Collars.

Spring Collars ($12.95)